The President of Malaga Comercio, Salvador Pérez, answers a few key questions so we can learn more about the business association with the highest number of members in the province.

What does it mean for businesses in Malaga to speak with one voice, now that the Malaga Business Federation (FECOMA) and Malaga Comercio have joined forces and are unified?

It is an important step for our local businesses, since we have just confirmed what we did back in April 2019, which was to join together FECOMA and Malaga Comercio. The main thing is to speak with one voice and for local businesses to be united. There is a great deal still to do in terms of revitalising local business, because what is essential now is to have a Federation that is working for the good of everyone.

Salvador, how is business doing in Malaga right now Because in these uncertain times, I don’t know whether this is affecting local businesses in Malaga as well, I suspect it is..

Well, this crisis is affecting us all. I would say almost all trades. Commerce has obviously been affected fairly significantly because we’ve had two years of pandemic during which we’ve been confined to our homes and haven’t been able to go out shopping. This has been a blow to our economy. Now that we can go out, there is another crisis, the conflict in Ukraine. All of this is a hindrance to commerce and its recovery. But at Malaga Comercio, we are working to make sure businesses in our province come out the other side of this crisis even stronger.

I wanted to ask you about price rises, as I understand that the rising cost of electricity particularly affects commerce. Has Malaga Comercio has been receiving complaints and requests from businesses in Malaga that are unable to cope with these increases and are having to pass them on to the customer by putting up their own prices?.

Yes, the increase in electricity prices has obviously had a serious impact on businesses in Malaga. Also petrol prices have gone up, so it’s even more expensive to transport products and materials as well. A business needs to have air conditioning in summer and heating in winter. All of this, among other things, is seriously pushing their bills up That’s why we are finding it tough, but with hard work, determination, and enthusiasm, we will get stronger.

Salvador, what are some of the demands being made by local businesses in Malaga?

Well the truth is that we are always saying the same thing. Our demands are always directed at the Administration. There are always many promises of funding and subsidies. But the reality is that it’s often too little too late. Because when a company needs liquidity, it shouldn’t have to wait a year to get it, because it needs to pay rent, wages, electricity… Grants and funding aren’t reaching the companies that really need it.

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