Malaga Comercio is the Provincial Federation of Commercial Service and Business Owners in Malaga. We are an association that protects the interests of individuals, businesses and consumers in our province’s towns, neighbourhoods, and cities.

We carry out numerous activities aimed at creating jobs, generating wealth, and keeping local traditions alive, since they revive the local economy and encourage dynamic entrepreneurship.

We develop training activities aimed at providing local businesses with the tools they need to be more competitive in the market and to gain more advantageous conditions for their products or service. We provide members with resources to improve the vendor-customer relationship and give customers the best possible product and service.

When businesses band together through our association, they enjoy maximum representation when defending shared interests. Malaga Comercio is working to revitalise the economy after the crisis triggered by the health pandemic, and to promote the digitalisation of businesses against the giants of retail and online sales. These are the main challenges facing the future of the sector.

Hand in hand, strengthening business

As part of this collective, we put local business at the very heart of Malaga’s economy, which supports and sustains thousands of families in the province.

We want to increase our collective might and speak up for small businesses in Malaga, not only to make sure they have maximum representation to defend their interests, but also more muscle when it comes to negotiating the collective agreement that governs this sector.

At Malaga Comercio, we support local businesses. We do everything we possibly can to advise and guide our members, and we fight for their rights and interests. Belonging to our association offers multiple benefits:

Learning. By joining together, business owners share their perspectives, experiences, advice, and opinions that add to and enrich individual businesses.

Training and Education. We run free, virtual seminars, training courses and conferences for members.

Communication and publicity. We devise and run sales promotion campaigns, instore events, and advertising in the association’s area of influence, both generic and seasonal.

Problem-solving. You’ll never be alone in times of conflict, as the association offers support through the union of business owners, presenting the best solutions through group meetings.

If you wish to join or to find out more, please contact us through any of our channels. We’d love to talk to you!