The Malaga Association of Automotive Accessories and Parts Dealers has held a meeting with the board of its national headquarters, Ancera, Malaga Comercio, and several members of the association to take stock of the current situation and the future prospects for the sector.

The accessories and spare parts sector considers the transformation of the market towards electric vehicles to be one of the most important challenges. This is the main conclusion reached by the Association of Automotive Accessories and Parts Dealers of Malaga (Acaram) together with the National Association of Dealers of Automotive Equipment, Parts, Tyres and Accessories of Spain (Ancera) and Malaga Comercio at a meeting in which they assessed the current situation and the future prospects facing the sector.

At the meeting with different members of the association and Malaga traders, they also discussed the application of the new regulations that are being applied from Brussels and how they will have to implement them in the coming years.

For José Luis Bravo, president of Ancera «the sales and after-sales sector in Spain is healthy, within the great difficulties that the economy is going through. We estimate a growth of 10% for 2022».”. The executive also assured that «the most imminent challenges in the short term are inflation, the lack of supply and the profitability of the businesses», while at the same time stressing the «problem of electrification which means that in 2035 we will no longer be able to sell cars that run on combustion».

The association agrees that it is the duty of the administration to set objectives for the industry, but that it must be the sector’s professionals who set the timetable for its transformation.

The meeting also addressed other issues such as the new warranty law which establishes that as of 1 January 2022, new vehicles purchased will enjoy a 3-year warranty instead of the 2 years previously granted.

For his part, Rafael Casado, president of Acaram, thanked Ancera for the support offered to all those from Malaga related to the sector and also clarified other issues that can be confusing for the customer, such as the difference between free and original spare parts. «We have to tell the customer that the same manufacturers make parts for official service and also for us, with the same quality and the same components», he concluded.

ACARAM is the Association of Car Accessories and Spare Parts Dealers in Malaga. The association seeks to represent, manage, defend and promote the common socio-economic and professional interests of its members. To this end, they offer various services: technical department, advice to traders on consumer, fiscal, financial and IT matters. They also have a legal department and an information service, with the aim of keeping members up to date with all the latest developments in the sector.