Back to school in local shops

September is here, and with it comes the return to routine. Summer is over and we have to prepare and plan for the back to school for the youngest members of the family, which means an important economic reimbursement for families.

Uniforms, books, school supplies, sportswear, footwear… many things to take into account in order to be prepared and equipped for the new school year that is beginning.

For booksellers, especially, this period at the beginning of the school year is fundamental. Small stationers and bookshops compete with the big stores, their prices and variety of brands. The same goes for local clothes shops, where you can find everything you need to dress the kids just a stone’s throw from your home.

At Málaga Comercio we are committed to encouraging back-to-school sales in the city’s establishments, in the shops of the municipality and, in this way, support the local business fabric.

This is an opportunity to contribute to the traditional shops, the neighbourhood shops, as not only do they have excellent quality products, but they also offer a personalised service, competitive prices and we will also be collaborating with the economic development of Malaga and its province, always bearing in mind the defence of the interests of both professionals and consumers.

This commitment and commitment to the traditional shops is what makes the city and its citizens grow. Shops in Malaga and throughout the province provide the quality service that families need to deal with the extraordinary expense of the back to school season.

Remember, buy local during the back to school season and support traditional shops.

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